I just started using Creator over the weekend and am really impressed, especially with the native support for CMake files as importable projects. However I believe I found a bug with my unique usage of CMake;

I set the CMAKE_MODULE_PATH to my own folder of custom CMake modules, however it appears that Creator may be doing the same thing? The reason I suspect this is because modules that I have written for my projects (i.e. FindPoco.cmake) are not found when opening my CMakeLists.txt with Creator, however they are found when generating make files from the command line with cmake.

A way to test this problem is by using the FindBoost module (assuming you have Boost and are using CMake to find boost. Assume $CMAKE_PATH is where you have installed CMake).

1. Move the FindBoost.cmake file from your $CMAKE_PATH/share/modules to a different folder (i.e. move it to $CMAKE_PATH/share for simplicity).

2. Set the CMAKE_MODULE_PATH in your CMakeLists.txt to where you moved the FindBoost.cmake module. (i.e. set(CMAKE_MODULE_PATH $CMAKE_PATH/share)).

3. Run cmake for make files. (It should find Boost just fine).

4. Now try it with Creator and it should come up with an error saying it could not find Boost, or any other library for which it cant load a Find*.cmake module.

If someone can confirm this I would appreciate it. I will either bug this, or bug it and attempt to develop a patch for it.