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Thread: qHash(double) problem with Qt 4.6 (tp1)

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    Default Re: qHash(double) problem with Qt 4.6 (tp1)

    Thank you OverTheOcean - commenting line 48 in qwt_valuelist.h fixed this compile plroblem in MS VS2005

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    Default Re: qHash(double) problem with Qt 4.6 (tp1)

    This is an EXTREMELY annoying problem, although I believe there is no one to blame really. But it would be nice if it could be documented somewhere, for QT as well as for qwt!
    Ok you believe Qt creator is not able to build Qt applications with a different compiler, than the one it had been build with. I can imagine, that it is not true when you carefully avoid using the wrong libs - but anyway.

    What exactly do you expect from the documentation of a library like Qwt - a note indicating, that you shouldn't try to link binaries built from incompatible compilers ?

    On Linux systems you have a distribution ( and package maintainers ) taking care of dependencies and possible incompatibilities. Even if you don't know, what you are doing you can always trust on it. Unfortunately on Windows the idea of a distribution doesn't exist. In combination with other pointless problems ( like debug/release incompatibilities or this __declspec stuff, what was the reason for the qHash problem ) Windows is by far the most difficult development environment - what can be seen easily from the number of problems reported here.


    PS: Please start a new thread if you want to discuss something different. Nobody will expect to find your hint in a thread about qHash.

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