I made an inherited class myListWidget : public QListWidget, so that I can write mouse event handlers. Works fine, BUT, I can't get selection behavior of myListWidget work as one would expect...
When clicked upon, I want item to toggle selection, and want to be able to use ctrl and shift keys to select multiple items. Pretty standard, I'd think. I hoped
Qt Code:
  1. setSelectionMode(QAbstractItemView::ExtendedSelection);
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in the constructor of myListWidget would do the trick. Alas, it didn't.
I studied and tried all the different values of the SelectionMode, with no success.
What is happening is when I try to select an item in myListWidget, is that clicked item does *not* toggle selection; and if I want to change selection, I have to drag mouse while pressing button...
I can't seem to change this behavior, whether I create myListWidget dynamically, or compile it into a custom plugin, and add it to the dialog at design time.
Standard QListWidget's selection works as expected...
What am I missing?
Thank you so very much; love Qt and working with it....