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Thread: problem in treewidget context menu

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    Default problem in treewidget context menu

    Hi all
    I'm writting an application where i'm adding elements to tree widget. if i right click on that treewidget a pop up menu shoud open. which having option to addparent or add child to parent. below is my code but its not working.i put a debug statment to capture the action but its showing the action is empty.

    Qt Code:
    1. Headre file---
    2. private slot:
    3. void addparent();
    4. void addchild();
    5. QMenu contextMenu;
    6. void ContextMenuDisplayMethod(const QPoint &pt);
    8. In constructor---
    9. connect(ui->treeWidget, SIGNAL(customContextMenuRequested(const QPoint &)),
    10. this, SLOT(ContextMenuDisplayMethod(const QPoint &)));
    12. in cpp file---
    14. void ContextMenuDisplayMethod(const QPoint &pt)
    15. {
    16. QAction action1(tr("Add parent"),ui->treeWidget);
    17. QAction action2(tr("Add child"),ui->treeWidget);
    18. QList<QAction *> actionsList;
    19. actionsList.append(&action1);
    20. actionsList.append(&action2);
    22. contextMenu.addAction(&action1);
    23. contextMenu.addAction(&action2);
    25. contextMenu.popup(QCursor::pos());
    26. contextMenu.exec(actionsList,pt);
    28. qDebug()<<"menu slected : "<<contextMenu.menuAction()->text();// showing Action clicked: ""
    29. connect(&action1, SIGNAL(triggered()),
    30. this, SLOT(addparent()));
    31. connect(&action2, SIGNAL(triggered()),
    32. this, SLOT(addchild()));
    34. }
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    plz help..
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    Default Re: problem in treewidget context menu

    you should allocate actions in the heap, but you create them in the stack.
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