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Thread: QtCreator compiler options

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    Question QtCreator compiler options

    I'd like to add some options to the make command (like -j5) but I can't find it in qtcreator where to set it up.

    Qt Code:
    1. Qt Creator 1.2.90 based on Qt 4.5.3
    3. BinEditor 1.2.90 Binary editor component.
    4. Bookmarks 1.2.90 Bookmarks in text editors.
    5. CMakeProjectManager 1.2.90 CMake support
    6. CVS 1.2.90 CVS integration.
    7. CodePaster 1.2.90 Codepaster plugin for pushing/fetching diff from server
    8. Core 1.2.90 The core plugin for the Qt IDE.
    9. CppEditor 1.2.90 C/C++ editor component.
    10. CppTools 1.2.90 Tools for analyzing C/C++ code.
    11. Debugger 1.2.90 Debugger integration.
    12. Designer 1.2.90 Qt Designer integration.
    13. DuiEditor 1.2.90 Editor for DUI.
    14. FakeVim 1.2.90 VI-style keyboard navigation.
    15. Find 1.2.90 Provides the find widget and the hooks for find implementations.
    16. GenericProjectManager 1.2.90 Generic support
    17. Help 1.2.90 Help system.
    18. Perforce 1.2.90 Perforce integration.
    19. ProjectExplorer 1.2.90 ProjectExplorer framework that can be extended with different kind of project types.
    20. QmlProjectManager 1.2.90 Qml support
    21. Qt4ProjectManager 1.2.90 Provides project type for Qt 4 pro files and tools.
    22. QtScriptEditor 1.2.90 Editor for QtScript.
    23. QuickOpen 1.2.90 Provides the Locator widget and the hooks for QuickOpen filter implementations.
    24. ResourceEditor 1.2.90 Editor for qrc files.
    25. ScmGit 1.2.90 Git integration.
    26. Subversion 1.2.90 Subversion integration.
    27. TextEditor 1.2.90 Text editor framework and the implementation of the basic text editor.
    28. VCSBase 1.2.90 Version Control System Base Plugin
    29. Welcome 1.2.90 Default Welcome Screen Plugin
    31. (C) 2008-2009 Nokia Corporation
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    Or is there a way to specify it within the .pro data?

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    Default Re: QtCreator compiler options

    isn't that possible under the "Projects" tab on the left side of the program and then at "Build Settings"

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    Default Re: QtCreator compiler options

    I'm using qt 4.7.4
    Yes, click on the projects button on the left panel. If you're doing multi compiler builds you can add a new build and rename it.
    A default compiler is there in toolchain. Click "manage". This gives a new window where you can add a new compiler. I tried GCC and then added
    /usr/bin/g++-4.4 (previously 4.6)
    /usr/bin/gdb (same as before)

    I click apply. Now i can select my new GCC config from the menu.

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