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Thread: [QtNetwork] LAN GameServer Port Scan ... how to?

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    Question [QtNetwork] LAN GameServer Port Scan ... how to?

    Hello all

    I am struggling with a question.. I just need a little kick into the right direction...

    I want to know if it's possible to detect a running Game Server on a LAN (e.g. Unreal Tournament 2004 or Call of Duty 4), by using Qt 4.6

    If I get to know how to connect to a port and get information out of it by using Qt 4.6 .. I think I can start coding

    I've been reading some docs of the QtNetwork module.. it must be there ... not?
    (I'm unfamiliar with network programming... never done that in my software career)

    I also played around with some examples of QUdpSocket.. but still I cannot figure out how to start.

    In the end I want to scan an IP range the user provides, and show the results in a table-like view.

    So you have some suggestions?
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