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Thread: qt creator debugging problem

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    Default qt creator debugging problem

    I am trying to debug my application in QT-Creator. I have configured QTfor VC++ at this location
    Now I am also using qt-creator and my application is built successfully in creator in debug mode.
    But when I am putting a break point and pree F5 it gives a message as

    Cannot debug
    Debugging VS executables is currently not enabled.

    Can anyone help to sort out this problem.Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: qt creator debugging problem

    Do you have Debugging Tools installed?
    And If you want to use Qt with VS then the preferred way is to download just Qt sources, compile them and install only standalone Qt Creator without downloading QtSDK which has compiled Qt libraries with MinGW.
    I would like to be a "Guru"

    Useful hints (try them before asking):
    1. Use Qt Assistant
    2. Search the forum

    If you haven't found solution yet then create new topic with smart question.

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