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Thread: undefined refrence to QTcpServer::QTcpServer(QObject *)

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    Default undefined refrence to QTcpServer::QTcpServer(QObject *)

    while creating a object of QTcpServer in my constructor using new operator giving me this pbm.
    It also leads to pbm in listen() saying undefined refrence to QHostAddress()...
    I have included network module.
    I successfully compiled the code of fortune server example. I tried to match both code but i donot find any difference.
    Any suggestion to sort out this issue

    quick nitin

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    Default Re: undefined refrence to QTcpServer::QTcpServer(QObject *)

    Add "QT += network" to your .pro file.

  3. The following user says thank you to jacek for this useful post:

    quickNitin (19th June 2006)

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