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Thread: How to adapt Qt Creator's ManhattanStyle? (toolbar icon size)

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    Question How to adapt Qt Creator's ManhattanStyle? (toolbar icon size)

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to adapt Qt Creator's ManhattanStyle such that a (vertical) toolbar would resemble the mode selector.

    With default style (Win7), I can call e.g. toolBar->setIconSize(QSize(60, 40)) and the icons are enlarged as expexcted. This does not work when setting ManhattanStyle: Icons are downscaled and even overlap with the text displayed below.

    I thought that adapting ManhattanStyle:ixelMetric(...) for case PM_ToolBarIconSize would do the trick. However, while toolBar->iconSize() returns the adapted size as expected, the painting is unaffected. Mind that when using the default style, toolBar->iconSize() returns {24, 24}, yet toolBar->setIconSize(...) works as expected.

    How do I need to modify ManhattanStyle so that toolbar icons are painted larger than 16x16? Any ideas appreciated.
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