Hi All,

I have the following code to create a QScrollArea that is transparent with it's content also being transparent. So I want the northPanel's parent to show through.

Qt Code:
  1. QWidget* northPanel = new QWidget(this);
  2. northPanel->setAttribute(Qt::WA_NoBackground);
  3. // add some content to northPanel
  4. QScrollArea* scroller = new QScrollArea(this);
  5. scroller->setAttribute(Qt::WA_NoBackground);
  6. scroller->setWidget(northPanel);
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This works fine. However, when I scroll, the northPanel becomes blurred. I'm pretty sure it's because NoBackground attribute causes those widgets to not paint the background. What am I missing here? How do I make a transparent QScrollArea? Do I need to force a repaint or something?

many thanks,