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Thread: Qt Command Prompt and Recompiling

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    Default Qt Command Prompt and Recompiling

    I'm looking for some assistance in learning how to properly use the Qt Command Interface. I know that the main command is the "Configure" command which is used to configure settings in Qt (Static vs Shared) and to tell what objects to build (WebKit, OpenSSL, etc...)

    Just as an experiment I tried to recompile Qt to build statically. "Configure -static" then execute "Mingw32-make"... After everything was done, Qt Creator would no longer compile EXE's failing with Error Code Number 2 I believe...

    What am I doing wrong? It seems like the recompilation process is "hit or miss", could I be having compilation issues that are breaking functionality? And how do I properly link OpenSSL for use with WebKit?

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    Default Re: Qt Command Prompt and Recompiling

    Can you post the exact error message that QtCreator gave after you tried to compile with your static Qt? Post the ouput of the 4th pane called "Compile" or "Compilation" in the bottom area of the the Qt Creator window.
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