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Thread: troubles with QPainter

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    Default troubles with QPainter

    I am developping a Player, displaying picture by picture using QPainter
    When playing, it works normally but I have those console messages

    Qt Code:
    1. Error: RenderBadGlyphSet (invalid GlyphSet parameter) 171
    2. Extension: 154 (RENDER)
    3. Minor opcode: 25 (RenderCompositeGlyphs32)
    4. Resource id: 0x0
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    for eache picture I display, using QPainter::drawImage() methode

    But in My GUI, I have Buttons and Sliders for some purpose, and a Widget to display pictures (I implemented the QWidget Interface)
    SomeTimes, when playing and touching sliders at the same time there is error messages relative to QPainter
    Right now I haven't the exact errer messages
    But I remember this:
    Qt Code:
    1. Widget can only be painted by one painter at the same time
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    Than you to give me your opignon

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    Default Re: troubles with QPainter

    it's hard to suggest something without seeing a code. can you provide small project which reproduces the problem?
    Qt Assistant -- rocks!
    please, use tags [CODE] & [/CODE].

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