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Thread: incorrected QComboBox capture screen.

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    Default incorrected QComboBox capture screen.

    attached file : QComboBox capture.

    apply code
    Qt Code:
    1. // ICAO CD
    2. cboIcao_cd->clear();
    3. cboIcao_cd->setModel(ComboDataCollection::getInstance().getTableModel(icao_cdModel, "TB_CNTRYCD", QStringList() << "ICAO_CD"));
    4. cboIcao_cd->setModelColumn(0);
    6. // Combo box Height
    7. cboIcao_cd->view()->setVerticalScrollBarPolicy(Qt::ScrollBarAsNeeded);
    8. QCompleter *p = new QCompleter(icao_cdModel);
    9. p->setCompletionMode(QCompleter::PopupCompletion);
    10. p->setMaxVisibleItems(20);
    11. cboIcao_cd->setCompleter(p);
    12. cboIcao_cd->show();
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    The code execute, then QComboBox size is overflowed , like attached file.

    What is incorrect it?

    If someone has a simple example I'd greatly appreciate it.
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