Hi all,

I didn't find a solution for my problem up to now:
I have a derived class from QGraphicsProxyWidgets and want to move these in a QGraphicsScene.What I did up to now was reimplementing mousePressEvent, mouseReleaseEvent and mouseMoveEvent and called the implementations of QGraphicsItem for these events. That worked fine, but now I have a problem since I added a QPushButton in my widget which resides in the proxy widget and the mousePressEvents are not forwarded.
So, I removed my own implementations of the mouse event handlers with the result that I can use the QPushButton normally but lost the ability to move the widgets.
I'd like to have both.

Any suggestions what I have to do?
Reimplement the move functionality with itemChanged and setPos?
Or forware mouseClicks to the widgets?

Best regards,