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Thread: QModelIndex Mapping in Template QWidget Class

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    Question QModelIndex Mapping in Template QWidget Class

    I have created a template class that inherits from QWidget and aggregates a sortable QTableView and a QSortFilterProxyModel. I want to be able to react to a double click in the QTableView and pass the QModelIndex to my custom model, which has the slot void DoubleClicked(const QModelIndex&) defined on it.

    This is a slimmed down version of the template class:

    Qt Code:
    1. template<typename MODEL>
    2. class TTableViewWidget : public QWidget
    3. {
    4. public:
    5. TTableViewWidget(MODEL& m, QWidget* parent = 0) :
    6. QWidget(parent),
    7. model(m)
    8. {
    9. sortProxy.reset(new QSortFilterProxyModel(this));
    10. sortProxy->setSourceModel(&model);
    12. SetupUI();
    14. connect(tableView.get(), SIGNAL(doubleClicked(const QModelIndex&)),
    15. &model, SLOT(DoubleClicked(const QModelIndex&)));
    16. }
    17. ~TTableViewWidget() {}
    19. private:
    20. void SetupUI() {
    21. tableView.reset(new QTableView(this));
    22. tableView->setSortingEnabled(true);
    23. tableView->setModel(sortProxy.get());
    25. verticalLayout.reset(new QVBoxLayout(this));
    26. verticalLayout->addWidget(tableView.get());
    27. }
    29. private:
    30. std::auto_ptr<QVBoxLayout> verticalLayout;
    31. std::auto_ptr<QTableView> tableView;
    32. std::auto_ptr<QSortFilterProxyModel> sortProxy;
    34. private:
    35. MODEL& model;
    37. };
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    The problem is that a QTableView::doubleClicked signal returns a QModelIndex that needs to be mapped using the QSortFilterProxyModel. Q_OBJECT does not handle template classes, so I'm not able to define signals or slots in my template class, otherwise I could simply do the mapping in a slot on the template class.

    One idea I had was the subclass a QSortFilterProxyModel and provide a DoubleClicked slot that would map and call into its source model. Does anyone else have any clever ideas?
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    Default Re: QModelIndex Mapping in Template QWidget Class

    It seems there are answers out there. For example,,

    If the signals and slots don't require the template parameter to be part of the prototype, the workaround is to make a template class inherit a QObject subclass that provides the required signals and slots:

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