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Thread: Create a QWidget as child of a Win32 window

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    Default Create a QWidget as child of a Win32 window


    I want to create a QWidget that is shown on the today screen. For now I search the HWND of the today screen app (and find the correct one), but when I try to create the QWidget as a child it always crashes my windows mobile phone.

    I use the following code to create the child widget:
    Qt Code:
    1. MyChildWidget::MyChildWidget(WId parent)
    2. : QWidget( 0, Qt::SubWindow )
    3. {
    4. create( parent, true, true );
    5. }
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    Thanks for any help

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    Default Re: Create a QWidget as child of a Win32 window

    look at QwinWidget
    It allows to create a bridge between the win32 app and your Qapp


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