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Thread: Read audio CD tracks as files

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    Default Read audio CD tracks as files

    I am trying to build an integrated CD ripper to put into a jukebox project I am working on. I don't have much experience in talking to hardware in Qt, so forgive the ignorance. I can use a KCompactDisc object to locate the cd drive and get information about the disc, such as length, number of tracks, disc id, etc. And I can successfully pass the disc signature to a kcddb client object and get the freedb information for the disc. What I am looking for is a way to create a QDir object from the CD, or at least to get a list of path/file names for the tracks, so I can pass the file names to an encoder process like lame. Essentially, I would like to traverse the CD as if it were just another directory. Is there any way to accomplish this fairly painlessly?

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    You cannot do that. Audio cds do not contain a filesystem, i.e. no pathes of filenames present on such a disk. There are programs, which show the content of an audio cd as if it contains files and folders using virtual filesystem magic. This might even be natively integrated in some operating systems, but generally this is nothing Qt supports.

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