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Thread: QT emit/signaling thread-safe?

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    Default QT emit/signaling thread-safe?

    I was reading that QT4's emission system is thread-safe...

    However, the literature on QT3 is never really explicit on signaling/emitting's thread-safeness -- does it fall under under the whole any QObject child is not thread-safe bullet?

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    Default Re: QT emit/signaling thread-safe?

    Quote Originally Posted by richy
    does it fall under under the whole any QObject child is not thread-safe bullet?
    Yes, slots are invoked just like ordinary methods (with all consequences of this fact). The biggest problem is that many Qt3 classes aren't reentrant.

    Qt docs say:
    Threads and Signals and Slots
    The Signals and Slots mechanism can be used in separate threads, as long as the rules for QObject based classes are followed. The Signals and Slots mechanism is synchronous: when a signal is emitted, all slots are called immediately. The slots are executed in the thread context that emitted the signal.
    Warning: Slots that generate window system events or use window system functions must not be connected to a signal that is emitted from a thread that is not the GUI thread. See the Qt Library Mutex section above for more details.

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