I have been trying to get my drag & drop working between 2 QListWidgets, and have read a few of the other posts on this topic, however, I still don't know how to get it working correctly, so if someone can assist me on this please.

In Design Mode (QtCreator) I have 2 QListWidgets. I populate the first one.
I want to be able to drag and drop items between the 2 lists. I have it "almost" working. The issue I have, when I drag it out the list, it leaves an "empty" place in the list, I want it to fill up the gap with the remaining items.
Also, I have some odd behaviour. Even though I have "acceptDrops" not selected, it still allows items to be dropped and placed into the list. I am obviously not understanding the settings.

These are my settings:
acceptDrops - not selected
showDropIndicator - selected
dragEnabled - selected
dragDropOverWriteMode - selected
dragDropMode - DragDrop
defaultDropAction - TargetMoveAction