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Thread: DLL, image plugins

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    Default DLL, image plugins

    I'm writing a Windows DLL that uses QT. So, I'm not writing an application, instead a .dll.

    I want to read a TIFF image, but, it seems that when my dll is deployed, I need to have the qtiff4.dll (a plugin) located

    I tried calling QCoreApplication::setLibraryPaths() but that doesn't work (I'm not surprised, since my dll is of course not an app).

    So, I can successfully load the plugin with QPluginLoader, and successfully cast that to a QImageIOPlugin*.
    So, I have a path the the tiff file, how do I assemble all these parts to read my tiff file into a QImage?



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    Default Re: DLL, image plugins

    You need to have the 'imageformats' folder in the same directory as your application.
    Copy it there , run ur app, and see if it works

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