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Thread: SOLVED - Creating a Qwt plot from within a QWidget instance

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    Question SOLVED - Creating a Qwt plot from within a QWidget instance

    SOLVED - Thanks for reading.


    First, I should state clearly that I'm fairly new to Qt/Qwt, so bear with me.

    Here's my problem: I am trying to create a Qt dialog that will receive certain input parameters and then create a Qwt plot based on those parameters. Independently, both things work: I can either run the function for showing my configuration dialog and it displays correctly; or I can show my plot with default values, and that works too. However, if I open my configuration dialog and try to create the Qwt plot from inside the 'Dialog' class, it won't show. I have tried looking through Qt/Qwt documentation and examples, but to no avail.

    My main 'dialog' is an instance of QWidget, and is being shown through the function. The plot I want to show is an instance of QwtPlot, and I'm also using the command. As I said, either of these commands will give the correct result if used while no other windows are open, but if I run while the main dialog window is open, I will not see anything come up.

    Any ideas? I am guessing this is a problem involving my lack of experience using multiple Qt windows, but I would really appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction. I'm using C++, by the way.

    Thanks in advance.
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