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Thread: custom widget with msvc

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    Question custom widget with msvc


    i want to create a custom widget an use it via drag and drop in qt creator.

    i found out how to create a custom widget and i added the compiled *.dll to the qt creator 4.6.
    but now i have the follwing error in the plugin overview:
    necessary "windows msvc release full-config" instead of "windows mingw release full-config"
    -> loading has failed!!!!!!!

    does it mean the qt creator is built with msvc compiler and is not compatible to the plugin which is - for sure - compiled with mingw???

    how to compile the plugin with msvc compiler or rather Visual Studio????

    Any field reports???

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    Default Re: custom widget with msvc

    Yes, right, you will have to compile your plugin with msvc. There should be a QtSDK based on msvc I think.
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