I don't know if this is the right sections for my problem. If I posted in the wrong section please move this thread to appropriate one.

I have problem with the debugger. I compile my code using with build configuration set on debug. I start the debugger it start my code. I click the menu action in order to start the code I what to debug. Debugger enters the method come to the break point print data in the bottom but doesn't show me local variables. Message on the debug window on the bottom is retrieving data for watch view (3 requests pending). It just stay like this for hours. It is always 3 requests. Never more and never less. I can press F10, or F11 and application will move on step at a time but I can't see application variables and I can't determine which one has bad data that cause my application to crash.

I use Windows XP service pack 3 and Qt 4.5.2 (32 bit) on my office computer.

Does any body knows what I can do to make debugger work because I can't fix my application without it.

Thanks in advance