Hi there,
For unix, there is the create_pc feature, but I want to have the same behavior on Windows as well. I'd like to use pkg-config tool to discovery my library later on, so I need to write a .pc file manually.
How should I do this? I tried something, my attack plan was to create a custom compiler without inputs that writes the .pc file:

Qt Code:
  1. defineReplace(createPkgConfig) {
  2. # To do
  3. }
  5. pkgconfig.commands = ${QMAKE_FUNC_createPkgConfig}
  6. pkgconfig.name = PKGCONFIG ${QMAKE_FILE_IN}
  7. pkgconfig.CONFIG += no_link
  8. pkgconfig.output = $$TARGET.pc
  9. QMAKE_EXTRA_COMPILERS += pkgconfig
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This doesn't seem to work: WARNING: Compiler: pkgconfig: No output file specified, and no rules are created to actually do anything. Is this the way to go, or am I taking the wrong approach? Are there any examples showing how to do this?