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Thread: How to use Doxygen to generate Qt-like documentation

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    Lightbulb How to use Doxygen to generate Qt-like documentation

    I’ve sorted out most of the problems I encountered trying to use Doxygen to produce Qt-like documentation. The description is a bit long, so rather than go through it here, it’s in the README.txt file in the attached archive, which includes the various files needed to make it all work on Windows.

    I only have Windows XP here, so I have no way to figure out what must be done to make it work elsewhere.

    Alas, though, I can’t get a *.zip file that Windows can open quite small enough for this forum to allow me to upload it... so, I’ve put it in a *.tar.bz2 archive instead. If you don’t know how to open that, get 7-zip. Sorry about that, Windows folks.

    Suggestions for improvement are, of course, welcome.
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