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Thread: Can't start a qt-program on embedded linux

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    Default Can't start a qt-program on embedded linux

    Hi all

    This Forum was a great help for me to learn more about Qt. But now the search function couldn't help me anymore. I hope someone here can give me the help i need.
    I have to write a application for en embedded system running linux. So i installed linux on my computer too and started to learn using linux and programing with Qt at the same time.
    On my Computer works everything fine an im able to compile the examples and my apps.

    But when i move them to the embedded system they don't work anymore. I have to start them in the terminal because the qui doesn't show the mounted sd-card.
    So when i try to execute the file nothing happens. No error or warning.

    Is it possible that i have to install some packages to open a gui from terminal??

    I hope this is the right forum for my question and someone has the patience to help one more beginner .

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    Default Re: Can't start a qt-program on embedded linux

    What GUI?

    I don't understand your question.

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