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Thread: [ANN]Qtitan (Advanced Data Grid + Multimedia) component beta released

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    Default [ANN]Qtitan (Advanced Data Grid + Multimedia) component beta released

    Developer Machines proudly announces the release of Qtitan Framework Beta, the company’s flagship product for the Nokia-Qt development platform. The library offers an outstanding set of advanced features combined with ultra-fast data processing speed. It is intended for professional developers working with the Nokia-Qt platform and willing to create modern, fast and efficient cross-platform applications working with large and extra-large volumes of data and rich multimedia content in different formats.

    QtitanGrid compensates for the absence of functional grid components in Nokia-Qt and offers a solution with functionality compared to that of data grids on Delphi and .NET platforms. Written entirely in C++, the library demonstrates excellent speed (even when working with extra-large datasets) and stability. Integration with QtDesigner ensures visual consistency throughout the application and compliance of the grid with the style of other control elements. The library is available for Windows and Linux.

    The library inherits a number of standard QTableView functions and adds a whole lot of advanced proprietary features that allow users to channel different types of data from various sources into a fast, flexible and easily manageable data grid component. QtitanGrid makes the life of any Qt developer easier by supporting sorting, grouping, reporting, creation of banded columns, drag’n’drop for buttons and plenty of other handy functions right “out of the box”. Experienced C++, Delphi and .NET developers will definitely appreciate the rich functionality of the Grid library that can be compared with that of the powerful data grid components they’ve grown accustomed to.

    Below are some of the key features offered by QtitanGrid:Ultra-fast processing of large data sets
    Use of QStyle for rendering objects ensures that the grid blends into the UI design of any application
    Two modes of vertical scrolling
    Customizable colors of rows and columns
    Two integrated table views
    Column banding and grouping
    Automatic width and height adjustment
    Fixed columns
    Flexible sorting
    Column summaries
    Integrated high-performance caching mechanism
    Advanced paint engine for faster rendering of UI elements
    Cross-platform support
    API for external editors
    QtitanGrid is the shortest route to implementing flexible and ultra-fast data grids in Qt applications of any type.

    QtitanMultimedia now supports Linux and offers the same impressive array of multimedia features as before. A number of critical bugs have been fixed to provide users with an even more stable, reliable and efficient development tool. QtitanMultimedia enables developers to add various multimedia technologies, such as Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader and Microsoft Silverlight, to applications created on the basis of the Qt framework. QtitanMultimedia completely integrates with Qt Designer form designer, which drastically simplifies the task of adding new objects and gives the UI design process a solid boost.

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    Default Re: [ANN]Qtitan (Advanced Data Grid + Multimedia) component beta released

    Let me lift the topic about Qtitan Grid and other multimedia components, since there is a reason for that.
    We have released the second beta version of our grid and multimedia components for Qt.
    Here is a short list of improvements in this beta version:
    For the Grid component
    - Fixed the bugs submitted by users
    - Added a possibility to insert Qt widgets into the headers of grid columns
    - Added an example of integrating the standard Qt chart into a table header
    - Added an ability to insert fairly complex widgets (for instance, a graphic chart) into grid cells
    - Added an ability to use select multiple cells using the RubberBand or regular methods
    For the multimedia components
    - Improved integration of Flash into Qt application in Windows and Linux
    - Moonlight is now supported in Linux. The component knows what non-standard locations Moonlight can be installed in and loads it from these locations if it is detected.
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