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my web design skills were better than that in 5th grade.
That's fine, that site is not about designing webpages but about programming widgets. If you want, we can compare our skills in that domain. I'm a lousy web designer, that's true.

I just don't like when people are looking for excuses to their actions not ending up as they wanted by pushing the blame on something (or someone) else. That's nothing personal, really. I think it just looks (and works) better if you say "I did something wrong" and somebody else says "No, it's not your fault, it's just X isn't good in Y. It was a good try". On the other hand if you say "I'm so great, it's just the tools I use suck". An answer to that is simple - use different tools. It's not a problem when someone makes a mistake. It becomes a problem when he is not able to admit he made it.