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Thread: Use of *.pro and *.pri files when using Qt in Visual Studio

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    Default Use of *.pro and *.pri files when using Qt in Visual Studio


    I've recently set up my Visual Studio 2008 to be able to build and run Qt projects. I've noticed the option to
    Create basic .pro file

    for the solution, which can also create a .pri file. The problem is that even if I do this, and modify them, both files are being completely ignored when I build. Instead, I need to make changes to the VS solution's build instructions. I'd like to be able to use the pro/pri files...even if I can't though, what is the use of that option if it just seems to ignore the files by default?

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    Default Re: Use of *.pro and *.pri files when using Qt in Visual Studio

    You can convert a .pro file to a visual studio project file.
    You can convert a visual studio file back to a .pro file.

    I'd say they are useful options to have.

    Of course, Visual studio will ignore the .pro file, and Qt Creator will ignore the visual studio project file.

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