Hi everyone! I'm finding myself in this situation and I was wondering what solutions there could be. I have a system where I have some applications which use Qt libraries (DLL libraries) version a.b.c.

Now, I recompiled Qt libraries version a.b.d using different compilation options, and I linked my new applications using libraries version a.b.d. What are my options to deploy these new applications on the system which had Qt libraries version a.b.c in the path?

I mean, new applications linked against version a.b.d won't run with version a.b.c, I know that, I already tried. The only option I found is to deploy the applications with the new version of the Qt libraries in the same directory of each application. Is this the only possible way?

I searched the forums and found Qt team doesn't recommend changing the name of the libraries, is the one I mentioned the only possibility? This is quite a uncomfortable behavior as Qt libraries are more or less 13MB, considerable amount of space for some devices.

Any other idea?