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Thread: QTextCharFormat question

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    Question QTextCharFormat question

    This is a question for experimented qt scribe classes programmers.

    I am trying to simulate check box widget inside my rich text.

    so i have created a QTextObjectInterface that paint this 'check box' for me. I do store the 'check state' inside the a custom QTextChartFormat created for with this interface.

    Qt Code:
    1. bool isChecked = false;
    2. QTextCharFormat format = cursor.blockCharFormat();
    3. format.setObjectType(CheckBoxTextFormat);
    4. //CheckBox::CB_IsChecked
    5. format.setProperty(CheckBox::CB_IsChecked,isChecked);
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    When user click the 'checkbox' i do call this code to simulate a click

    Qt Code:
    1. // QTextCursor cursor, QTextCharFormat format are in the right position where i have my QTextObject
    3. bool isChecked =;
    4. isChecked = !isChecked;
    5. format.setProperty(CheckBox::CB_IsChecked,QVariant(isChecked));
    6. cursor.beginEditBlock();
    7. cursor.mergeCharFormat(format); //for some reason this don't work
    8. cursor.cursor.setCharFormat(format); // also this don't work
    9. // when painting the QTextObjectInterface read always the same value from;
    10. // even if it was changed by above code.
    11. cursor.endEditBlock();
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    Is this the proper manner to do such thing ?

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    Question Re: QTextCharFormat question


    that's very interesting for me. Heve you solved the problem?

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