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Thread: Need Help Subclassing QListWidget / QListWidgetItem

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    Default Need Help Subclassing QListWidget / QListWidgetItem

    Alright, so basically I am trying to store a bunch of additional data with the QListWidgetItems which im adding the the QListWidget. So I have subclassed QListWidgetItem to add the extra data along with their accessors and mutators. I can store them the QListWidget and such, but I also need the signals and slots to return my subclassed items not QListWidgetItems..

    I cant seem to figure out how to subclass the QListWidget to return my subclassed QListWidgetItem

    I am trying to use the currentItemChanged(QListWidgetItem*, QListWidgetItem*); signal

    Can anyone help? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Need Help Subclassing QListWidget / QListWidgetItem

    Well, if you have subclasses QListWidgetItem, then currentItemChanged(QListWidgetItem*, QListWidgetItem*) should work.
    In slot you can type cast the QListWidgetItem to your class.

    Also if your data is not too big, you can always use QListWidgetItem::setData with a custom role.

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