I programmed extensively in QT for about a year and just installed the latest version. After launching designer it does not respond correctly to mouse input. It's as if the mouse location is shifted to the right by about 100 pixels.

Example - Click file menu nothing
Click the + sign in the pallets nothing
Click to the right of the + sign, pallet toggles as expected.
Right click in the main window yields expand all, collapse all as if I clicked in the pallets
Right click further to the right in the main window I get the "Add Tool bar etc." menu as expected.
Actually the mouse location is more random than I describe here

This makes designer unusable

I am running Windows Vista Home Premium
Service Pack 2
64 bit
QT 2010.04
Other info provided as needed

If this is the incorrect venue for this post, please direct me to a better one.

Thanks for your help