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Thread: Label inside a button or different font sizes within a button

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    Default Label inside a button or different font sizes within a button

    I'm trying to create a widget for entering a password. I want a number pad to appear on screen. I was hoping to not just have numbers but also have letters displayed on the buttons exactly like the letters on the buttons of a phone.

    I thought of two ways of doing this but I don't know how to do either. The first was to make a special kind of button that is a container. I could give it a layout and add two labels in - one for the number and one for the letters. This is ideal. The second kind is a hack but I'd be happy with it too. I could just have the button text as "2\nabc" and make the "abc" part a different size font, giving it the general appearance I'm after.

    If you have a better method, let me know. I have no idea how to implement these so any suggestions would be very welcome. Thanks

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    Default Re: Label inside a button or different font sizes within a button

    The easiest way would be to simple subclass QPushButton and do the painting yourself. Using QStyledPainter would also ensure that your new widget is style aware.

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