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Thread: very slow performance when using through internet

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    Default very slow performance when using through internet

    Hi all:

    I made a Qt application to plot certain data. It works great when used at the computer at which is installed. The thing is that the application is to be used in a dedicated server through internet

    There is a natural lag for the whole application, even for pressing a button, but is very small. But when it comes to the plot, it has become extremely slow because the user has to make some picks on the data.

    When using it installed at my desktop, it takes one second (more or less) to replot the image with a marker where the user made the pick. When using the software through internet, it takes 12 seconds...

    How can I improve this?

    The algorithm is: plot the curves, when the user makes click put a marker and replot. If you want I can put the code but I don't think it helps too much. But again, I'm not an expert.

    ANY ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: very slow performance when using through internet

    Assuming that the application is running completely on the server and you are using something like NX to have the user interface on your system: what happens, when you disable the cache of the plot canvas ?


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