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Thread: Trying to add a scrollArea to contain a long sequence of QLineEdits

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    Default Trying to add a scrollArea to contain a long sequence of QLineEdits

    I developped a window with lots of entry fields, so many that the whole thing doesnt fit onto my screen. So I thought one way out would be to create a scroll area and let the user scroll though this.
    Trouble is, all my trials have come to nothing. I was hoping to have a minimal change
    Here is the constructor for my window:
    Qt Code:
    1. MyWindow::MyWindow(QMainWindow *parent)
    2. {
    4. this->m_scrollArea = new QScrollArea;
    5. m_scrollArea->setBackgroundRole(QPalette::Light);
    6. setCentralWidget(m_scrollArea);
    7. this->m_frame = new QFrame(this);
    8. this->m_vLayout = new QVBoxLayout(m_frame);
    9. m_scrollArea->setWidget(m_vLayout);
    10. // add entry fields and labels to m_vLayout below.
    13. }
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    I have of course defined some fields called m_scrollArea, m_frame, etc of the types that you would guess.
    When I display my window I just get one big blank area.
    Please tell me if you want more detail.
    I should add that my window derived from QDialog initially, and then I tried to derive it from QMainWindow in the above code.
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