I use QtCreator with mingw (gcc 4.5.0). The only way I can look into a QString "foo" is to manually add it to the watch window and edit it to "foo.toAscii()" and open that variable structure to show d and *d and then the data array. I configure the debugging in the options menu under debug.
It doesn't matter if I use gdb.exe (v 7.1), or the gdb-i686-pc-mingw32.exe that comes with the creator and it doesn't matter if I switch the debugging helper macros on or off (C:\Qt\4.6.2\qtc-debugging-helper\debug\gdbmacros.dll).
Is it sufficient to check the checkbox use debugging macro's in the option menu, or do I have to ad the dll to my project? Or do something else? I googled and looked in this forum but can't find it.