Developer Machines is happy to announce the immediate availability of Qtitan DataGrid 1.0 component, our data grid library for Nokia-Qt for Windows and Linux developers.
Qtitan DataGrid allows to you implement such things:

“Outlook like” grouping.
Multiple column sorting without using QSortProxyModel. There are no losses in productivity.
Organize multi-level column header.
Embed custom QWidget to column’s header.
Use one of build-in cell’s editors for editing value without using delegates.
Implement “Excel-like” fixed column on the right or/and on the left.
Calculate column’s summaries and showing them on the footer panel or in the group footer panel.
Auto resize of height of a row depending on cell contents.
“Excel-like” adding row to the model on the top or on the bottom.
Use some built-in effects that your application looked more richly.