I have problem with Qt 4.6.3 built for x86 CE 5.0 and CE 6.0. My target board is based on Atom Z510 with chipset US15W (1GB RAM). First I've checked Qt samples 'movie.exe' and 'videowidget.exe'. Maybe someone could explain why movie.exe throws following exception:
Exception 'Access Violation' (14): Thread-Id=04550006(pth=8b8b45e8), Proc-Id=04540006(pprc=8b8b42d8) 'movie.EXE', VM-active=04540006(pprc=8b8b42d8) 'movie.EXE'
PC=416b9b3a(qtcored4.dll+0x00029b3a) RA=416aee3b(qtcored4.dll+0x0001ee3b) SP=0011bf5c, BVA=00000004
Exception 'Raised Exception' (-1): Thread-Id=04550006(pth=8b8b45e8), Proc-Id=00400002(pprc=81367800) 'NK.EXE', VM-active=01710002(pprc=9ef30438) 'udevice.exe
PC=c00338ce(k.coredll.dll+0x000138ce) RA=c003391e(k.coredll.dll+0x0001391e) SP=e2a7e9d0, BVA=ffffffff'

Videowidget.exe works correct for few playbacks of animated gif but then it hangs up and produce on debug console following message:
QImage: out of memory, returning null image

I'll be grateful for any help. Sorry for my english.