Hello, everyone.

I am coding a GUI based client utility for project manager system of animation studio what I belong to. And this client should support CJK input and display due to our language speaking.

When I install new Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, I found that I couldn't catch CJK input from gcin while I am using any program we made that based on PyQt4. I ensure that gcin is standby in my system. However, every key I pressed will directly serve English alphabet, and I event couldn't switch between different input method while using PyQt4 based program.

However, every C++/Qt4 based program (include the simple programs I made and utilities from other author) is working well, gcin can server CJK word to these program correctly.

Any suggestion?

The below is module version of my computer:
OS: Ubuntu 10.04 (tried without and with package upgrade)
gcin: Ubuntu 10.04 built-in
PyQt4: (tried from 4.7.2~4.7.7)
program: every tool we written based on python and PyQt4