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Thread: How to adapt the QwtScaleDraw to my needs ?

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    Default How to adapt the QwtScaleDraw to my needs ?

    Hi Folks,

    I Just want to overload the QwtScaleDraw Class (MyScaleDraw) in that way so that my Histogram must show 1 or 2 or .. n Balks (depending of the number of QStringList elements) and also I want the x-scaling of my Histogram to be conform accordingly; Means: If QStringList.size() = 2 -> then please only 2 Balks are needed AND the scaling of the x-Axis has only 2 elements;

    Can someone of you help please ?

    Many Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: How to adapt the QwtScaleDraw to my needs ?

    A histogram has nothing to do with how the scale is displayed !

    Guess what you want to implement is a multi bar item ( several y values for one x value displayed as a block of several bars with different colors centered to the x-position ). Such an item doesn't exist in Qwt, but it is not so hard to be implemented - as long as you have a solid background with Qt.

    I recommend to use Qwt 6 and to derive from QwtPlotSeriesItem.


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