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    Default Creator/debugging

    I am trying to use a dll compiled using minGw in debug mode, in an application I wrote using QT Creator/minGW. Windows XP, QT 4.5.2, Creator 1.2

    When I try and run the app inside of creator, it exists with the followign error message:

    exited with code -1073741515

    When I try and debug the application inside of Creator, it just hangs--I get a message that says "running requested" and then "Gdb running" in the status bar below the edit window--but nothing happens. My process is not shown in the task manager.

    When I start a windows shell with the correct QT paths set, etc, and start my app from the command line, everything runs just fine.

    When I remove the lib from my .pro file, and from the code, the code debugs and works just fine.

    My suspicion is that I've got some kind of mismatch between debug and release versions of libraries, but I think its debug all the way--

    any ideas?

    Jonathan Howland

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    Default Re: Creator/debugging

    I think this error code is an indication that the dll can not be found. Is your dll located in the debug directory of your project ? If not, try putting a copy there. Also check that the working directory setting of your projects run settings in qt creator is correctly pointing to the debug directory.
    Hope this helps,

  3. The following user says thank you to chris_helloworld for this useful post:

    jhowland (21st October 2010)

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