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Thread: Cross Compiling for MIPS

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    Default Cross Compiling for MIPS

    Hi - hope someone can help me with this - as my boss is on my case :S

    I'm trying to cross compile a 'Hello World' test app for a linux-mips device. (

    I can successfully cross-compile a simple shell (non QT) 'hello world' program for the target device using my cross compiler toolchain. I can also compile QT projects for the Ubuntu machine natively just fine.

    The device already has lots of QT demo applications on it which run well - its an impressive framework.

    ^ This makes me feel like I'm so close to getting it working!

    I understand I have to specify the architecture of the target device using the ./configure script for QT.

    I am using an Ubuntu machine to cross compile and have installed QT through the package manager.

    2 questions;

    1. Where do I find the configure script.

    2. I'm an not as familiar with Linux as I would like to be, does it sound to you that I'm on the correct path to compiling a QT project for my device?

    Any advice to help me accelerate this project would be most appreciated as this is the 1st time I have convinced the boss to go down the Linux route and he's getting a little impatient. Thoroughly enjoying the learning process though

    Kind Regards, Wayne.

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    Default Re: Cross Compiling for MIPS

    Hey Wayne,

    I have Qt Creator installed on my machine, so I'm not sure exactly where Qt is installed when you do a package based install. You may want to check the following path though: /usr/qt

    If you don't find it in that directory, you may want to run the following sequece of commands:

    cd / (this gets you to the topmost directory)
    find . -name "qmake" -print (this may take a bit, but if you see where qmake is located and go to that directory, look at the contents of that directory with a "ls -la" command. You should see "configure" located in the same directory. You can run "./configure -help" to get an idea of how to configure Qt for the mips architecture.)

    The link posted below may help as well: (under Getting Started)

    Hope this helps.

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