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Thread: Job Posting - Software Developer (C++, Qt)

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    Default Job Posting - Software Developer (C++, Qt)

    Techsia (A Schlumberger Company), is looking for developers with significant experience in C++ and Qt. Below is a description of the job, the desired profile and our activities.

    Interested? Send your application to!

    Job :
    Within a team of developers you are in charge of defining (conceptualizing) and create new tools. You also create the interface with the platform and algorithms, in collaboration with other developers as well as clients. Finally, you are actively involved in the testing phase (manual tests, creation of automatic scripts with Python, etc).
    Location : Montpellier, France.

    Profile :
    We are seeking someone with a university or engineering school degree in computer science, willing to demonstrate his or her motivation and experience in C++ development projects and systems and network administration. With a good sense of organization and strong attention to detail, you will have the opportunity to develop your career with us towards a position in project management.

    Significant experience in C++ Development
    Windows, Visual Studio 2008/2010
    Knowledge of Qt, mastery of object-oriented programming and design patterns
    Ability to work in English, knowledge of technical English
    Beginners accepted (1-2 years experience)

    Skills and qualities required for this position:

    - Rigor and ability to work on your own
    - Capacity and motivation to learn scientific notions (petrophysics/geology)
    - Being a team player with good communication skills
    - Good interpersonal skills

    Who are we?

    Techsia, Montpellier Technology Center (MPTC), has joined Schlumberger in June 2009.

    We develop a software suite dedicated to complex fluid analysis and to reservoir characterization analysis. Techsia’s success lies on its proactive attitude toward clients’ needs and toward new technology integration, its outstanding time to market and its flexibility in releasing state of the art features.

    We have always considered recruiting as strategic to ensure excellence in all the services provided to the clients should they be software developments, client support, training or consulting. To reach this level of excellence, we have built a team of petrophysicists, software engineers and internal support experts focusing on the following values: culture and skills diversity, dedication, taste for challenges and collaborative mindset.

    What’s more, Techsia is building on its relationships with partner universities both locally and internationally, giving a unique opportunity to students to work in a dynamic and innovative work environment all the while providing an ideal springboard for career development.

    About Schlumberger

    Schlumberger is the world’s leading supplier of technology, integrated project management and information solutions to customers working in the oil and gas industry worldwide. Employing approximately 77,000 people representing over 140 nationalities and working in approximately 80 countries, Schlumberger provides the industry’s widest range of products and services from exploration through production.
    Schlumberger Limited has principal offices in Paris, Houston and The Hague and reported revenues of $22.7 billion in 2009.

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    Default Re: Job Posting - Software Developer (C++, Qt)

    hi Cedric,

    I have two years of hands on experience in C++ and QT and i'm looking for a change of job. I've been working for a reputed EDA company (Synopsys Inc.) and I am ready to join your organization from the first of November 2010. I'm based in India and willing to relocate anywhere.

    If you find my profile interesting kindly contact me at

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