Hey all!

I've been really excited to get onto the new QML with C++ bandwagon. However, when trying to follow the tutorials (built-in "Charts" example) I've been running into this issue.

It will not allow me to use Designer for QML, as well as add my own modules/C++ plugins.

I've wiped Qt, re-installed and even re-built. Still getting the same error.

I've looked over the internet to find only one guy who experienced the same problem and mentioned QmlObserver being used instead of QmlViewer, but I cannot find any option to change this?

I have the brand new Qt 4.7 and I've also tried it with the new Qt Creator 2.0.92 (2.1.0 beta 1)

Here's some images of what I'm seeing:

In Code Editing View:

In Designer View:

Has any body experienced this problem, if so how did you solve it?

Or are there any Qt experts that could help me out, would be much appreciated as I'm excited to start using QML with C++.

Thanks in advance.