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Thread: QVariant with QString / who free's its data?

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    Default QVariant with QString / who free's its data?


    Suppose I have the following:

    QAction *a = ....

    a->setData(QString("Hello world"))
    QObject::connect(a, ....)

    Later in my slot:

    QAction *a = QObject::sender();

    QString s = a->data()->toString()

    This works fine. But I wonder who takes care of disposing the associated action data (in this case the QString)

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    Default Re: QVariant with QString / who free's its data?

    Qt uses implicit sharing in some classes. So it does for QString:
    Qt Code:
    1. Foo::Foo()
    2. {
    3. QAction *a = QAction(this);
    4. a->setData(QString("Hello world"));
    5. }
    7. Foo::~Foo()
    8. {
    9. // a gets destroyed and so also the string since a takes care of that. (And it the reference count is equal 0.
    10. }
    12. Foo::mySlot()
    13. {
    14. QString s = a->data()->toString(); // s is not a real copy (as long as you don't change it
    15. } // s gets deleted (or the reference count gets decreased.
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