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Thread: Qt 4.7-stable build - errors...

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    Default Re: Qt 4.7-stable build - errors...

    Mac OS X - Leopard
    Xcode 3.2.3

    Pulled Qt 4.7-stable from gitorious, did a configure and now trying 'make sub-src', which is the usual procedure to not compile all the examples and cruft.

    However, it errors out trying to compile qabstractanimation.cpp - QtCore/qelapsedtimer.h - no such file.

    I can see qelapsedtimer.h - but it's in tools?

    something not right, here.... Try a re-clone, I guess.....


    Added after 1 55 minutes:

    Well, I re-cloned, re-checked out, reconfig'ed, and it seems to be working fine.

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