I am writing an app that shows a 30 second video using Phonon. The app has a main window and a mainform window.

The mainwindow launches the mainform window that has a stacked widget with several pages. on page 3 i show the phonon inside qa horizontal layout. then after the video is over i show a message on page4 then the mainform window is supposed to close.

This works fine but somehow the memory of the app keeps increasing until it crashes.

and when i try to delete the vidoe objects and then try to close the window i get segfaults.

I have been trying to debug this and find a solution for a week so please have a look and maybe someone can point an Obvious mistake.

i have attached a sample app that shows the problem.

I am running this on ubuntu 10.10 desktop with phonon xine.

i am have hard-coded the video path so please change that before testing.

to see the memory increase etc run top in a terminal.

Any advice is appreciatedtestapp.zip. if someone knows of a better way to embed a video in the app i am all ears.