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Thread: Custom Shaped QPushButton

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    Default Custom Shaped QPushButton

    Hi everyone;

    I'm trying to change qpushbutton's shape,i want to change its shape like google maps navigation buttons.I repainted its shape but the problem is i can click outside the shape and my aim is also change its click region.If it's possible i need your suggestions.


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    Default Re: Custom Shaped QPushButton


    As far as I know there are two ways to do it. One way to implement "google-maps" like button is first using regular QT's QPushButton and playing it's css like padding, border etc. Secondly, you may implement your own QPushButton like;
    Qt Code:
    1. MyPushButton: public QPushButton {...}
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    and reimplement drawControl() method.

    I suggest you to go through with the first method since latter one is far difficult to implement


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