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Thread: Running an script using QProcess

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    Default Running an script using QProcess

    Hi again
    Well I am trying to run the dh_make script using Qprocess
    I got many trouble for it, and well lets said I solved this problem. What I did was I wrote a small script that will receive of parameters the information I need. It works fine, but my big, huge and problem I have, is that if I want the script to finished I must Hit Enter, and I can't do this.

    One dirty solution I found was to comment the line on the dh_make that is expecting the enter, and it work, but thats to dirty.

    Can someone give me an idea how to do an enter?


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    Default Re: Running an script using QProcess

    Send a newline to the dh_make's standard input or check if it accepts some commandline switch that makes it run in batch mode.
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